Amber Chevron Silver Coral Necklace N545

$3,500.00 (AUD)

Connoisseur’s Collection

Genuine ancient fossil amber that came from a traveller from Jordan who probably picked it up from a traveller through Iran, who probably picked it up … you get the idea.  These amber beads perfectly hold a perfect 16thC Chevron bead  (click here)     that I bought in Morocco more than a decade ago when I was working as a designer in Venice, Italy. These would have been traded in the 1500’s, from Venice, across Africa and to the America’s. This is a rare, excellent and valuable specimen; cut especially to curve into other beads.  They make perfect pairing.  I mixed them with ancient black Yemen coral, antique silver beads from India and the Middle East, some silver studded black coral from a Yemen prayer necklace; some tiny genuine fossil amber beads, two silver good luck emblems from Morocco and a modern sterling silver clasp. Every bead is buffered and protected from harm and damage. What a lucky find.

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  • Weight: 57gms.  Amber weight: 13gms for two large beads, 3 gms for small beads.
  • Length:  Shortish.  46cms clasp to clasp.
  • Size of chevron: 2.5cmx x 3cms.
  • Size of Ambers:  3cmx x 2 cms.
  • Further pictures supplied if required.

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