Morocco & West Africa

Why Morocco? For it’s colours, and scents and aromas, and mysteries: for the generous, spirited people, the lip-smacking food and of course, oh my, of course the incredible Amazingh jewellery.  Here you will find my collection of Moroccan beads and pieces reassembled into Wearable Treasures. So many beads from this corner of Africa, it needs its own category. A treasure chest of wonderful pieces from Morocco down to the Sub Sahara. Here amber, silver, enamel, and coral were used in abundance as a symbol of status and wealth.  The Hamsa in particular, is worn as an item of protection against bad spirits.

Every collector worth her or his salt, loves Moroccan silver. The stories positively yell out of dust, journeys, travails, hardships and happiness.

From fibulae to bracelets, charms, chains and pendants, Moroccan collectibles are swoon worthy.

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