Samarkand Antique Enamel Pendant Necklace N446

$1,090.91 AUD

Adopt an Orphan!

This very old and intact (1800’s) silver, enamel and coral pendant from Samarkand, Iran, is featured in the World of Earrings Book, Page 92. As it’s now an orphan, I’ve given it a family in a necklace of lapis, ancient Mediterranean coral, silver and turquoise. Two silver Taureg pendants for good luck at rear. Can you imagine the journeys to get to your hands? Wow.

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  • Weight: 54 gms.
  •  Length: 32 cms to tip of pendant, 45cms clasp to clasp excluding pendant.
  • Pendant size 4cm x 12cm.  Featured in World of Earrings Book Page 92.
  • Finishes with sterling silver toggle and signature S for Savanna.

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