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History, beauty and incredible craftsmanship.

History, beauty and incredible craftsmanship.


What I love about Savanna’s

What I love about Savanna’s work (I have 6 necklaces!) is that it is made from beautiful and valuable artefacts that come from different historical periods and cultures to create unique pieces of stunning jewellery each of which has its own story. Every time I wear a piece I end up responding to people who admire it and I tell them about the various elements as well as what it means to me because each piece I own has a connection to my own life in ways that are often involve amazing synchronicity.

Christine Trimingham Jack


I’m today the custodian of 4 magnificent necklaces and one equally exquisite pair of earrings.
I love wearing Savanna’ s creations for their uniqueness, their beauty, their history.
Whenever I were one of my necklaces people always admire them. They are amazed by the capacity of each component of a necklace to tell its own story.
Thiat makes me feel special…. and beautiful.

Flavia Nannetti

Artistic – Unique

Savanna creates unique pieces of jewellery each with its own history. Savanna has creative ability to imbue her jewellery with a story which I love. I gave many pieces each with different special stories she has taken the time to record and give to the new custodian of her jewellery. A purchase of Savanna’s hand made jewellery is a gift from a time beyond that goes on living in her creation. Her creations are made with passion love and an intelligence that is exciting and inspiring

Kathryn Smith

Wearing a Piece of History

The wonderful thing about Savanna’s pieces, of which I happily own several, is not only their visual impact but the connections they bring to other people, places and events.

Sharyn Minahan

Feeling special

Savanna creates unique pieces of wearable treasures which are made with inspiration and love. When wearing these one of a kind pieces of jewellery you feel very special.

Gail Purkis

Threads of Connection

Savanna has a rare gift, both literally and metaphorically, for weaving threads of gems, precious metals and sacred objects from ancient times and exotic places and cultures into unique pieces of true beauty. Each piece has their own particular story and energetic resonance that seem to find their way to grace their rightful wearer. I am fortunate enough that some pieces found their way into my life.
Thank you Savanna for giving women the opportunity to be custodians of such fine pieces of ‘herstory’.


I Love Savanna’s Work

I love Savanna’s work. She knows so much about gems and historic beads and findings and combines these with love, knowledge and and an indefinable and creative imagination


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