SNEC107 Amber Amazonite Silver Niello Morocco Necklace

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Amber, amazonite, silver, black coral. Where to begin with this necklace composed of so many collectible and valued elements.

Five rare, collectible eternal circle silver pendants, hand made in South Morocco long before you were born. Four of them are in the niello technique, where an acid is applied to the silver to darken a pattern. The largest, central pendant is etched with a tool. Between these pendants are old, rare, collectible silver spacers, from the silversmiths of Yemen.

I found the circles of Baltic Amber in an antique shop Turkey. It’s the real McCoy, not the stuff put out by the ton for tourists. They glow like honey.

The green beads are ancient amazonite, prized, collected and coveted. Every bead is hand drilled, and of a different size and thickness. Imagine the work, drilling these.

I’ve ended the necklace with old Moroccan silver cones … not identical .. and a few ancient Afghani beads of silver studded black coral. Worth their weight in gold!

All threaded by me, on heavy duty silk cottons, ending in an adjustable plait with beaded tassels that tie at the back.
Approximate weights:
Old Baltic Amber, found in Turkey – 30gms
Amazonite – 60grams
Silver 80gms
I wear all my pieces for a few hours to test their weight and thus comfort level, and ensure nothing presses on the back of the neck to cause discomfort. This too passes my stringent tests.

Length: 28cm adjustable
Weight: 177gm

As with all my creations, this is a unique, individual, one off that took me hours and hours to get just right. I collect all my components by scrabbling in souks and hessian bags and dusty shops for the most unique treasures my dealers can part with. You will be the new custodian of a piece of wearable art, that has its own story. Imagine if these beads could speak.