SCNEC113 SOLD Rubies Antique Silver Kashmir Pendant Trade Beads Necklace

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Ropes of rubies, alive alive Oh!

Running like a deep red river betweensome tiny ancient Roman glass beads from Afghanistan, discovered in 2006 when Unesco were putting down wells and stumbled upon an ancient Roman glass factory, are six strands of raw, unpolished, hand cut rubies from India.

An 18th century solid silver bead, from Kashmir, adorns one side of this unique creation.

Where the rubies and Roman glass end, they join with 17x18th century maroon coloured fancy painted rare glass beads from Venice, Italy, used from 1700 to early 1900 to trade for palm oil, fur, gold, and slaves across the world. In particular, the one black bead is a super rare, collectible, and of course very expensive, Lewis & Clark bead from around 1830. It deserves pride of place on this rubies necklace.The more these rubies are worn, the more your natural oils will make them come alive against your skin.

The necklace is threaded on 10lb breakage silk, and closes with a sterling silver toggle.

Weight: 175 gms

Length: 34 cm

As with all my creations, this is a unique, individual, one off that took me hours and hours to get just right. I collect all my components by scrabbling in souks and hessian bags and dusty shops for the most unique treasures my dealers can part with. Dings and dents are part of the journey, and add to the charm. You will be the new custodian of a piece of wearable art, that has its own story. Imagine if these beads could speak.