SCNEC103 SOLD Ancient Roman Opalised Glass Beads Necklace Uzbek Silver Pendant

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SOLD Thousands of years in the making of these beads, weeks to grind them, days to assemble them. The silk route ripples through your hands like a winding green river.

Long, long ago, along the fabled silk route, the Romans had a flourishing glass factory. Over the centuries it disappeared. But when Unesco came through Afghanistan in 2006, putting down wells, they discovered fragments of opalised glass in the ground. The archeologists were called in. These greenish, blue-ish fragments were from handles, stems, rims of broken jugs, mugs, plates, jars and urns from the Romans. The locals got to work rescuing what they could, and made a cottage industry out of drilling holes to make beads. ??History in your hands.

This necklace is made from these old Roman glass fragments, some drilled to allow threading. Spot the shape and use of the beads, if you can. The crackly texture on most of them is from the silica in the soil that opalises the glass after a long, long, long time.

These beads are NOT the crafty copies of “Roman” glass made from contemporary broken Coke bottles. I’ve seen the difference – it really is chalk and cheese. These have a fine, beautiful translucence.

The large black incised bead is an old spinning whorl from Mali. Nestling into it is an old silver cone pendant from Uzbekistan. On the opposite side, an old silver cone from Morocco. All threaded on highly durable poly silk, ending with my signature beaded tassel and an ancient glass bead from the Dead Sea sand of the Hebron valley that acts as an adjustable toggle.

I wear all my pieces for a few hours to test their weight and thus comfort level, and ensure nothing presses on the back of the neck to cause discomfort. This too passes my stringent tests.

Length: 35 cm adjustable

Weight: 243 Gm

As with all my creations, this is a unique, individual, one off that took me hours and hours to get just right. I collect all my components by scrabbling in souks and hessian bags and dusty shops for the most unique treasures my dealers can part with. You will be the new custodian of a piece of wearable art, that has its own story. Imagine if these beads could speak.