SCHEB102 Morocco enamel Mauritanian silver necklace pendant Hebron beads

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A genuine old silver hair ring ornament pendant, with residue of enamel, made in the Mauritaniaregion of Africa, between 50-80 years ago, is the centrepiece of this powerful necklace. It was used by the tribeswomen as an ornament in their hair, and also as a bad aroma stopper – the insides were stuffed with cotton wool soaked in something pleasant smelling! The greenish yellow beads are ancient Hebron beads, made from sand from the Dead Sea, hence their dark, non translucent colour. History dates these beads to pre-Roman times, but these particular beads could be as early as mid 1700’s, when they began to be used as trade beads. Wars, persecution, destruction have all put these beads into jeopardy, and their availability has sharply declined.

The wafer shaped beads are all hand carved from a large clam.

The coins are old French Moroccan 25 centime coins, early 1900’s.

Eight rare Venetian millefiore trade beads, from late 1800’s, complete the necklace with a strong waxed cotton adjustable plaited cord, finished with a bunch of old African seed beads, and a Hebron bead acting as a toggle. Easily fits over the head as its adjustable.

Two lac filled silver beads from Nepal complete this United Nations collection.

The necklace ends in an adjustable cotton cord, toggled with a matching Hebron bead.

I’ve strung this on two strands of 10 kg breaking weight cotton.

I wear all my pieces for a few hours to test their weight and thus comfort level, and ensure nothing presses on the back of the neck to cause discomfort. This too passes my stringent tests.

Length: 27cm adjustable

Weight: 249gm

As with all my creations, this is a unique, individual, one off that took me hours and hours to get just right. I collect all my components by scrabbling in souks and hessian bags and dusty shops for the most unique treasures my dealers can part with. Dings and dents attest to the journeys of these pieces, and add to the charm. You will be the new custodian of a piece of wearable art, that has its own story. Imagine if these beads could speak.