NEC149 Rock Crystal Jade Silver Multi strand Necklace

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Old rock crystal melon shaped carved beads from Nepal, old carved pale green jade beads from China, sterling silver findings from Thailand and India, glass chevron beads from India, seeds beads from Africa, crackled agate from India, are all mixed in with my blood, sweat and tears from a mountaintop in Australia as I laboured to get this multi strand necklace to lie comfortably and just right, over days. It looks heavy, but it’s carefully structured to sit comfortably on your neck. Dramatic, powerful, classic. Beautiful soft colours with the Rock crystal beads, that will complement your outfit and drawcompliments every time you wear it.

Length: 30cm Weight: 383g

As with all my creations, this is a unique, individual, one off that took me hours and hours to get just right. I collect all my components by scrabbling in souks and hessian bags and dusty shops for the most unique treasures my dealers can part with. All my pieces have little dings, dents, and signs of wear from their global journeys and age, which add to their charm. You will be the new custodian of a piece of wearable art, that has its own story. Imagine if these beads could speak.