N105Y Yemen necklace with blade shield pendant and resin amber

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This belowbust length necklace is a recent construction using old Yemen bits and pieces, including old deep red resin amberbeads, an amulet that was once a shield tip for a sword (so the story goes!),some really old beads that could have been anywhere,and a long old chain that can be adjusted for length. The silver is not full silver, but of varying degrees of purity, depending on the materials available at the time, coralled from old coins, old jewelery, old silver. This piece can, however, be polished to a lovely sheen, although I have left them alone, to enjoy their natural aged patina.

Yemen silversmiths, from late 19th century to early 20th century, were known for their skills in making granulations and complicated chains. These pieces are highly collectible and increasingly rare. All these pieces would have come from head and dorsal ornaments used in daily wear, as well as dowry and special occasions. They?۪d have been broken up and separated over the years. I?۪ve collected bits and pieces and reassembled them to once more wearable cultural art. This is another one-off piece.