Triple Strand Mutisalah Beads with Uzbek Pendants Necklace N162

$2,500.00 (AUD)

Royal, Regal, Rare

A true collector’s necklace.  Made from super rare ancient Mutisalah   glass beads, (also known as Indo Pacific) which were made for sultans and emperors, about 1200 years ago.  These were handed down from family to family; the large ones reserved for royalty. These have been verified by Jamey Allen, the bead fundi. I’ve threaded them with seven gold washed on silver hand beaten collectible pendants from late 1800’s Uzbekistan.

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  • Weight: 194gm
  • Length:  Longest strand: clasp to clasp: 18inches or 46cms;  shortest strand 15inches or 38cms.
  • Pendant size: with dangles: 3  inches x 1 1/2 inches or 8 x 4 cms;  smallest 1 inch x 1.2 inches or 3 x 4 cms approximately.

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