Moroccan Tiznit Enamel Hebron Beads Necklace N153

$1,050.00 including GST (AUD)

Tiznit Delight

Swoon worthy green and yellow silver enamel amulet pendant from Tiznit, southern Morocco, early 1900’s, with old wound glass beads from the Hebron Valley, circa 1700’s. Ends with silver Moroccan cones. Adjustable length with toggle bead. A hefty looking piece, but very comfortable as all the weight is in the front. Very collectible Wearable Treasure.

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  • Weight: 150gms
  • Length: Adjustable with toggle bead slide from 50 cms all round.
  • Size of Pendant: 6.5cm x 5 cm
  • Size of Cones: 9cmx2.5 at widest point

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