Lapis Fish Roman Glass Pearl Necklace “LIQIAN” N664

$880.00 AUD ex GST

“LIQIAN”  A city on the old Silk Road

Fish chasing fish chasing a pearl, chasing a chunk of ancient Roman glass, chasing a chunk of turquoise!  This mobile,  interesting necklace is full of stories.  The Roman glass was found in Afghanistan in 2006 by Unesco when they were putting down wells in Afghanistan and the chunk is beautifully opalised from being in the ground for ages and ages. The turquoise comes from Tibet, and the gigantic pearl from China.  And what about all the hours I spent wiring them together? Priceless!  Ends with sterling silver parrot clasp.

Learn more about lapis here:  Lapis lore

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Weight:  100 gms

Length:  22 inches/62cms

Size of largest fish bead: 2cmsx1.5cms

Pearl size: 14mm

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