IKB-3 Silver repousse wide ???bakelite?۝ bangle from Nepal

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Totally beautiful heavy silver bangle, made fairly recently in Nepal. ??I don?۪t know quality of silver but it has a fabulous glow to it. ??This looks old and antique, so you can get away with cheating for far less than an old one! The patterns represent various elements of Nepalese mythology. The silver is set on a wide, solid piece of what looks like Bakelite (nice!) but is actually well made, gorgeously coloured tough plastic. ??Style tip: ??Mix it with other smaller bangles and you?۪ve got an eclectic, wonderful look. ??

Shape: Round
Size: Internal measurement: ??70mm. ?? External measurement: ??100mm. ??Height: ??35mm. ??Weight: ??171gms. ?? A large INCREDIBLE! bangle.
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