B24/9 Solid silver Rajasthan India hinged bangle fabric base

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This beautiful, old, original solid silver cuff is from the tribal women of Rajasthan, India. The silver beads within the bangle are each securely attached to the base of woven or knotted cotton, with a very sturdy original pin clasp. Very comfortable to wear, and easy to put on and off. A wonderful statement piece, and as these are getting more difficult to acquire, a collectible piece of old silver. Probably 80 years or more.

All my pieces have little dings or dents, testament to their journeys and travels across landscapes and families. This adds to their charm. All are slightly different, ditto. Nothing is mass produced, mass imported, or sold in bulk – one offs, every time.

I haven?۪t cleaned these much, apart from a soapy rinse, but if you like, they can be cleaned to a lovely soft patina.

Shape: Round see photo
Size: 40mm x 240m
Weight 141g
Quantity: ONE