Antique Silver Multan Pendant Lapis Necklace “POTI” N644

$595.45 AUD

‘POTI” A city on the old Silk Road

This gorgeous silver and enamel pendant with a floral motif comes from Afghanistan and is called a “Multan”.  It’s a talisman, bringing the wearer good luck and keeping them from harm. It’s flanked by some solid silver beads from Uzbekistan, tiny Roman glass beads from 200 BCE, and tiny silver beads. In the middle of the bail – which shows dings and dents from being worn for so long and so far, I’ve put an antique silver talisman bead from the Moroccan Tuaregs;  it means – I wish you no harm.  Ends with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

If you want to know more about old ethnic jewellery, do a course!  Click here for more information:  Bedouin Silver

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Weight: 82 gms

Length: 19 inches / 47 cms.

Pendant: 4cms x 4cms/2.5 inches

Bead size: 10 mm.

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