Ancient Carnelian Trade Beads Necklace ‘MARCO’ N630

$980.00 (AUD)

“MARCO” – The Venetian adventurer who brought the secrets of the East back to the West.

Of course I’ve named this one – also for my Silk Road exhibition – Marco.  It has some very collectible – and becoming more rare – Venetian feather trade beads, from the late 1800’s, in perfect condition.  The old carnelian agate is untreated, softly worn, and cut by hand.  They possibly date from the 1200’s but of course they were in the ground long before that. The carved agate figure could have been cut recently – or maybe not. Who knows? That’s part of the story. I’ve ended with two old Yemen gilt beads from the late 1800s, early 1900’s.   Knotted on wax cotton for durability and flexibility.

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Weight: 100gms

Length: clasp to clasp:  23inches /57cms

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