Amber Silver Venetian Trade Necklace N542

$650.00 (AUD)

Trade Route in Action

Five glorious, chunky phenolic resin amber beads from Jordan/Yemen, with silver wirework beads from Uzbekistan, silver beads from Yemen, silver cones from Morocco.  Then the orange speckle  “end of the day” crumb beads made by Venetian glass making apprentices in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s in Murano; at the end of the day, they’d pick up the rubbish off the floor and experiment with beads. Voila! Gorgeousness in a tiny ball.  Every one different in size, shape and tone.  Mixed with vulcanite spacers from Africa, as buffers.  What a story, yet again. Start the conversation.

Fits over the head, but has a clasp.

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  • Length: Fits over the head, but has a clasp.  70 cms all round, clasp to clasp.
  • Largest amber bead 3 x 3 cms
  • Finished with sterling silver clasp and filler beads

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