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Hello bead lovers and silver collectors,

It’s been such a long time since you’ve last heard from me. In that time I’ve met and married a wonderful man, who is helping me run our business. The I has become a We. We had a fabulous Sydney wedding, followed by another fabulous Italian wedding on Lake Como, earlier this year.

Our trip was not all roses and moonlight: much of it was spent on the hunt of fabulous, rare, unique, unusual and hard to get silver, beads and beading artefacts. In India we found hand painted miniatures and solid silver Rajasthan pendants, divine works of art in their own right. In Prague we found 18th century silver perfume bottles, 19th century silver cigarette holders and Art Deco pieces to knock your socks off. In Morocco we found fabulous silver beads, pendants and charms. We packed these up with our heavy winter coats, shoes and gloves, wedding presents and Argan oil to banish the frizzies. We wrapped up the box, bade it farewell via express courier EMS in Marrakech and set off for Turkey. Here we met my dealers from over the years, and went on an even bigger buying trip, on the trail of pieces from Afghanistan, Turkmenostan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Boxes sent via DHL from Turkey arrived in Sydney. Our parcel from London arrived in Sydney. Where was our Moroccan parcel? Nobody knew.

We tried to chase the parcel while still travelling, but eventually we had to return to Sydney. Everything had arrived, except our Moroccan parcel with some of our best treasures. After five frantic months, we called the Moroccan Embassy, who dispatched two policemen and the Minister for the Interior to the Marrakech post office responsible for sending our parcel. Long story short, the parcel was found in Casablanca, probably being used as a card table. Our parcel was escorted to Marrakech where it was repacked and dispatched by the ever reliable DHL, to arrive at our delighted doorstop four days after it left Marrakech … six months after first being posted. And in the same delivery as more drooling finds from our beautiful Turkish dealer. The pictures above are leaving Marrakech in April, and arriving in Sydney.  And of our fabulous Gatsby wedding at Oxford Falls and Lake Como.

So guess who get lucky? You do. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting many of these rare treasures, to add to the pieces we’ve already listed that we acquired on this recent long trip. Please call or email if you have any questions, and of course, if you feel like dropping by to inspect our goodies rather than buying on the website, call me during office hours on 0430-283066 to make a time to suit us both. We’re in the Southern Highlands, high up on the escarpment, so you’ll have to call us for our address. A big day out from Sydney, but wow, worth the drive.

By the way, you’ll notice that we are no longer calling ourselves Travelling Bead, as we’re sort of home to roost, but Savanna Caravan .. always on the trail of fabulous things.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Susan – for those who knew me from Mayagems – now also known as Savanna – and introducting Husband RENO!


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Happy creating! 

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