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12th February 2021

Hello again!

What a crazy year it’s been, for everyone.  So many restrictions mean that so much has changed.  From not being able to travel … anywhere, even to see our children, to a whole different way of interacting.  On the beady front, there are enormous difficulties replenishing the basics like silver and gold (whose prices have gone though the roof) to parcels vanishing into the ether.  My studio in our house in the Southern Highlands has gorgeous views across the mountains and down to the ocean – it’s a very productive space.  I am often inspired by the colours of the day;  silver and green are a common theme.  We’ve had time to launch this brand new website slick, modern and easy to navigate. We will be adding products regularly.My next exhibition opens on March 11, 2021, at the lovely Bowral Art Gallery, 1 Short Street Bowral.  We have all the protocols in place to make it Covid friendly.The theme this year is Orientalia, where I use pearls, cloisonne, cinnabar, jade, silver and gold as an appreciation of all the incredible skills and designs that come from the Far East and North Africa.Check Savanna Caravan on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more details.Hours are 10am-4pm daily.11 March – 22nd March.If you’d like to come to the opening, please email me from this site.Sigrid Van Roode, Jewellery Historian from the Netherlands, is opening the exhibition.  Be well, stay safe, and buy jewellery.   

Savanna Susan Storm 

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