I’m a journalist, a traveller, a jewellery artefacts collector and a designer of Wearable Treasures.

Trade caravans in the olden days were loaded with treasures from across the Silk Route. For decades I was a journalist in far flung places, where I scratched around in sooty souks, dusty alleys, and dark back rooms. In between interviews, I found treasures.  I started collecting. I learned. I made friends. Then I brought my booty home to Australia.  From my mountain top studio, my real work begins to design fabulous pieces of jewellery, from these fabulous pieces of history and culture.
My Wearable Treasures creations are for the brave, inquisitive, imaginative collector. Step inside my world to become a custodian of a Wearable Treasure from ancient lands.


If you can’t visit in person, please contact me via email, or phone and we can arrange a Skype, FaceTime or Zoom virtual gallery experience.

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